Renne Hom: Slanderous/Defaming Post made by Andre Jae Canepa (AJ) in Grass Valley, California

What this guy has done to me by slandering me on this site and some others is obviously revenge and to send me a “message” about exposing him for his first slandering and making false claims of me on the LiarsCheatersRUs site. From what I’ve seen so far, it’s seems that he’ll never learn and forever be a man child for his behavior/actions. He must’ve thought that he could get away with this without me knowing and hoped that I’d get damaged beyond repair by potentially making me the target of sex predators and rapists in putting all my personal contact information out there. His sense of justice is twisted if it means having the other ruined or harmed in order to make himself feel better.

His cellphone number that he used to contact me to inform me of his first slandering/defamation of me is (530) 788-8386. After doing the deed, that’s how he initiated the communication with me by letting me know about it. He only apologized to me over a message after I put him on blast in response to his first slanderous post in the comments when it concerns him. It didn’t sound completely sincere coming from him after his slander left me feeling frustrated and upset. Apparently, apologizing to me wasn’t his intention in the first place when he went and did what he did.

Actually, Andre is the real man whore for going around sending dick pics and pictures of himself in women’s underwear to other women over the internet to look for some when he can’t seem to get any from his current girlfriend. That’s practically cheating when he already has a significant other.

He has slandered/defamed me all over the internet by giving out my personal contact information on the following sites besides this one:

What he’s doing by giving out my personal contact information is threatening my safety, which exposes me to potential danger by unknowingly making me the target of sexual predators and risk me getting kidnapped and raped. Also, my family could be put in danger and harm’s way because of this callous, foolish action of his. Since he hasn’t learned from his mistake as he’s proven by action, it makes his apology to me null and void.

All of this could’ve avoided if he hadn’t lashed out like he did with reckless abandon with his first slanderous attempt and making the problem public. Since what he shared are lies, I had to step forward to counteract that with the truth and proof in order to prevent false rumors from spreading. If he had taken the time to calm himself down and think things through, we could’ve cleared misunderstanding and resolved things in private like mature, civilized adults.

12 thoughts on “Renne Hom: Slanderous/Defaming Post made by Andre Jae Canepa (AJ) in Grass Valley, California

  1. A man child who’s still hung up on his exes, especially when he keeps their panties to wear for himself. He is a sick little boy for going around sharing his panty shots and dick pics with other women over the internet, even when he already has a girlfriend in Grass Valley.

  2. This is where we ended that conversation where I expressed my feelings of being forced into it (which is wrong for a guy to be treating a female friend, even when she has no interest in him).

    Then again, that’s what he is: a sexual freak.

  3. Just a classic case of a gullible, careless idiot…
    Here’s the proof of him wearing women’s underwear, which he had privately sent her (that’s a turn-off for her):

  4. In the evening, I’d received an unexpected text message from this number (+1 530-292-7284) asking, “Like my big girls butt?” That is followed by a white panty shot with the person apparently trying too hard to be like a girl (as seen from his posture). It looks more like a guy’s butt than a lady’s one. He sure has a horrible taste in panties. I suspect this to be from him (Andre) since I don’t know anybody else in Grass Valley, CA. Plus, he has my cellphone number stored under his contacts list. Since he is the type to be stupid and low enough to stoop to this level despite having a girlfriend, that’s expected of him being immature/childish and a sexual deviant with his sick fantasies. He is infamous for his weird sexual fetish of wearing women’s underwear. This is considered sexual harassment when unwelcomed by the recipient…not that I’m fazed by this since it’s hilarious to me. LOL…What a laughable troll.

    Knowing him, he likely won’t keep the number for long to avoid detection/getting traced. So, he’s bound to change it easily.

  5. 😆 The most ridiculous thing I’ve heard just recently is about me hacking into Andre’s (AJ) and his girlfriend’s (Lauren) Facebook accounts. That’s their logic about blaming me for everything that goes wrong even when I’m not involved there. They just talk themselves into believing that even though it’s not plausible when I’m not really a pro hacker nor have that skilled capability. Both are so warped that they seriously need lots of help themselves. No need for idiocy from the likes of them.

    I’m the past, he had falsely accused his fourth ex-girlfriend and her current boyfriend about things without proof. He seems to tend to do this to people whom he’s bitter about and considers enemies. His judgement is not one to trust. Much of what comes from him is dramatic, over-the-top or exaggerated.

  6. This is the message he sent me where he admitted to posting the slanderous/defamatory post about me. It’s because his girlfriend, Lauren, went after me first that I had reason to seek her and share my side of the story. What he shared with her is actually a fabrication to make me out to be the bad guy and an attempt to play the innocent card. Basically, Andre is an immature little boy who’d never grow up with the victim mentality he has.

  7. Just recently, I heard from a lady friend of mine that he’d send her his dick pic, which totally grossed her out. She was a friend to him nonetheless! Yet, he went crazy and did that to her. What a cheating scumbag he is for doing this despite having a girlfriend in a supposedly committed relationship. Good thing she blocked him immediately before things could progress further with his sharing of sexual fantasies.

  8. On early Friday afternoon, I checked my phone and found that I’d received a text from a number I didn’t recognize: +1 (214) 935-4499. When I opened it, I saw a few purple panty-clad butt shots followed by the message, “I am super wet rn babe, lick my p****?” It turns out that it’s a number available for usage on a free text messaging service (possibly TextFree or TextNow). I figure that it’s Andre Jae Canepa (AJ) since he had texted me that horrible white panty-clad butt shot in late September 2017 with a different mobile number: (530) 292-7284. He does the same thing again by pretending to be a woman like he’s attempting to turn me lesbian. 😆 The idiot making an ass of himself again…

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