Peter James Bromfield IS STALKING Molly Cavalli

And he is stalking Ocean Ramsey and Dr. Heather Robertson.

This is all a game to him, as he posted his innocence claim right after he posted the complaint about Molly Cavalli.

Peter James Bromfield from Tempe, Arizona is a miserable, pathetic worm who lives alone and has no friends and no job. He claims he does work, but he has way too much time on his hands to stalk white females and post them on revenge websites. He does this, because he’s jealous and butthurt over the fact these attractive white women want nothing to do with his slow witted, borderline retarded, half breed ass.

Here is proof which shows he’s guilty:

From 3:30-3:52, Bromfield openly displays his racist views over white men. He also displays his butthurt over non-black women not wanting him or other black males. So this trifling shit stain is guilty as hell!

Peter Bromfield is a nuisance! Molly Cavalli, Ocean Ramsey, Dr. Robertson and other attractive blonde celebrity blonde women, watch out! This lunatic is out to ruin your name, all because of sour grapes, on his part. Get restraining orders and sue this scumbag for slander! Peter James Bromfield of Tempe, Arizona is the culprit! He needs to be put away; taken off the streets and not allowed on the internet. Bromfield is a cancer; a boil on the ass of humanity!

54 thoughts on “Peter James Bromfield IS STALKING Molly Cavalli

  1. Actually you are right about one thing… I have way too much time on my hands to be posting shit on the internet about people I do not know and have never heard of. You however have much more time than me to post your childish drivel all over to Internet about me. Knock yourself out. You are definitively one sick bitch.

  2. Note: Peter James Broimfield is NOT Stalking Molly Cavalli or ANYONE else. They are LIES made up by a cyberstalker who is actually doing the REAL Stalking of an innocent man-Mr Peter James Bromfield. The REAL Racist is this Cyberstalker. Proof is seen in the following from the cyberstalker where they:

    1. Are Continuously targeting a Black man on sites like STD Registry, STD Carriers, BadBizReport, etc.
    2. Are Continuously Calling Him a “Mixed Breed Male”
    3. Use the N-word against Mr Peter James Bromfield.
    4. And also USE pictures that mock Mr Peter James Bromfield as a Black male and a Black man.

    Even their words found on (1591851) say this:

    “Dear Peter Bromfield (Nxxxxs) submitted 5 months ago by Shmerby
    Peter, aka Haseeb2. You are a loser, a nxxxxr and a fxxxxxt. I could say anything about you and it would turn out to be true. You can’t flag my videos forever because one day the KKK will lynch you, when you die no one will remember you. But me, they’ll remember forever.”

    Note we see evidence of Racism (and their desire to make up LIES) about Mr. Peter James Bromfield in the following that is seen above:

    1. The KKK being mentioned.
    2. Lynching being mentioned.
    3. Death Being Mentioned (of Mr Peter James Bromfield)
    4. Saying these words “I could say anything about you and it would turn out to be true.” this includes LIES that they have intended to make up about Mr Peter James Bromfield.

    All their postings will be used in a Court of Law because this cyberstalker will be exposed for defamation of character (where they called Mr Peter Briomfield “a pervert, rapist, someone with AIDS, a psycho, etc) and and they will experience a high penalty for what they have done to an innocent man-Mr Peter James Bromfield.

    Most Definitely, Guaranteed

  3. Shut the fuck up Bromfield! You know damn well you wrote that stuff about those white women.

    You want to search my IP address and sue me for defamation of character? Good. Bring it on, bitch! And I hope those women that you slandered will do the same back to YOU!

    I DON’T CARE! 🤷‍♀️

    P.S. – You are the milk chocolate version of this idiot! Your threats are as lame as the drivel that comes out of Christian Chandler’s mouth. Both of you talk shit and people see you for being the autistic retards that you are. Both of you should do the world a favor and stop harassing women on the internet. STAY OFF THE INTERNET!

  4. What comes out of my mouth is far more intelligent than anything which could come out of your fat white trailer trash mouth. Anyone can clearly see from your communications style that I am on a much higher level of being than you could ever be.

  5. Shit flies out of your mouth, Bromfield! Why don’t you put that mouth 👄 of yours to better use and satisfy Christian (Christine) Chandler’s bent, ugly genitals. He’s so desperate for anybody! He’ll even take your big mouth! Sucking him off would be more useful for you to do, than running your filthy gob all the time. He dresses like a chick now. Just pretend he’s a white girl with a dick to make your closet gay ass happy:

  6. You are a very hurt person. The only people who expend so much time and energy attempting to disparage others, are people with deep seated unresolved issues. There is no doubt in my mind that you are in great pain. I cannot help you and attempting to hurt others with your childish insults is not going to help either. I do not know anyone who carries on like you do. If I did, I would try my best to stay as far away as possible. People like you do not amount to too much of anything in life because by your language and communications style, you would be regarded as a pest. You are the kind of person most would find utterly repulsive. You cannot name one think you have ever accomplished worth while. The USMC did not like you, you barely finished high school and no college would take your shit for brains dumb ass.

  7. Shut the fuck up, Bromfield! My spelling and grammar usage are fine. You are so full of shit! You are a big pussy that pulls the race card and you use your “university privilege”, thinking you’re above others because you have some lame degree that says you know how to read and write. So you’re smarter than the average nigger and more privileged than the average halfbreed. Big fucking deal!

    I have further education. My diplomas, degrees and honorable discharges are none of your business! I don’t have to explain shit to you. I’m smarter than you think and know. You hate me, for sussing you out for being the stalker and the pervert that you truly are. You hate that I brought it to light. I am one of many who has exposed your name, and told the truth about you. I figured it out long before everybody else has. Everything I’ve ever said about you is accurate and the truth really annoys you.

  8. Most reasonable people reading what you post can clearly see that you are the one who is full of shit, not me. Graduating Magna Cum Laude in Mathematics and Physics and having a Masters degree in Meteorology are far from lame. Whatever “further” education you have however is lame. Most people who know you hate you as you are utterly repulsive. You do not have an honorable discharge… You have a dishonorable discharge from the USMC. As I have stated before, if I am stalking anyone free free to call the Tempe, AZ police. Stalking is a crime. You know my name and you have the evidence that I am stalking but you do nothing but talk shit because in reality you are full of shit. I know no one who gets away with stalking women like you accuse me of without being arrested and placed in jail.

  9. Rastus, if I had a dishonorable discharge, I wouldn’t have been able to use my VA to get medicine, further and finish my education, and buy a home; which I have done. I am able to use my VA card to get veterans discounts, even when I shop at the outlet mall. It’s not a big discount, but it helps out with the sales tax. I live in a predominantly white area, where senior citizens and veterans are treated with kindness and respect. Idiots like you who pull their race card at every opportunity would only be ignored and laughed at here. Keep your drama in Arizona!

    If you truly graduated Magna Cum Laude in Mathematics and Physics you wouldn’t be online 24/7, looking for racism and making stupid paranoid videos, claiming that people (whom you’ve never even physically met), having it in for you. You wouldn’t care! Truly intelligent people don’t concern themselves with the petty things that you do. Autistic people, however, don’t understand that though. They’re egocentric. They’re selfish and they talk about themselves all the time. They fail to understand that they’re not the center of everybody else’s universe. But they don’t care, because always about them. People get sick of hearing it. You have numerous videos, where you talk about yourself and how “so and so” has it in for you. Normal people don’t do that. Normal people don’t concern themselves so passionately about what others think of them, to where they’re making numerous videos about it.

    And don’t turn this around and say that I’m evil for picking on an autistic person. I’m just pointing out the obvious problem. YOU are an adult! You are old enough to handle the truth and criticism. If not, then go get help!

    As for the police, they have more to worry about than some idiot online. Why would I call them? This isn’t about me. You don’t know my name. You don’t know where I live. I don’t live in fear. My life is not in anydanger, so I don’t need to call anybody. If anybody should call the police on you, it should be Molly, Ocean, Heather, and the other women that you are stalking online.

  10. I most definitely did graduate Magna Cum Laude in Math and Physics. No one in my life has ever suggested that I am autistic.

    Explain how I would be able to be online 24 hours a day with a full time job? You are one person who is not ignoring me for why I do not know. One thing is certain… No one likes to be mischaracterized and misidentified.

    No one with the exception of someone with an unhealthy obsession with someone carries on the way you do. You have absolutely no class, tact and very low intelligence. What you post tells the world how much of a worthless miserable piece of shit you are.

  11. Then contact Dr. Heather, Molly and all of those porn stars directly and urge them to call the police so I can be arrested and put in jail. Why do you think what you have been posting about me for years is better than having me put away so that I am not a danger to society? If you really despise me and are making more of an issue about me than any of my supposed “victims”, then why the fuck are you just posting shit about on trashy websites instead of handling this intelligently?

    Who the fuck are you and what the fuck have I ever done to you personally for you to be in my case as you have for years? Precisely what do you intend to accomplish by doing what you are doing to me?

  12. I didn’t watch. You just proved me right again. It always about you and somebody who’s after you. I bring that to light, and what the fuck do you do? You make videos about it, once again playing the victim and talking about yourself and your haters. I’m sure what few followers you do have on YouTube are sick of hearing your broken record. I know I am. For someone who does work a full time job, you seem to have all the time in the world to post to me and make videos talking about yourself and me, and all of your other haters.

    I don’t know how to contact Molly, Ocean or Heather. When you posted about them, I just turned around and posted, by saying that you were the one posting about them. It’s up to them if they wish to report you to the cops. It doesn’t have anything to do with me. Don’t start posting to me, claiming your innocence. I don’t want to hear it. I don’t give a fuck.

    Usually when someone constantly talks about themselves and continuously brags and boasts about their accomplishments, it is seen as narcissistic. I don’t think you’re a narcissist. Your actions cannot be helped, any more than a mentally retarded child throwing a fit. It would be wise decision if you went and got tested for Aspergers. Doctors obviously didn’t catch it when you were a child, because that was so long ago, and they didn’t know much about it then. But as others can now see, the problem is most definitely there. It shows with Christian Weston Chandler and it shows with you.

  13. I have a secret security clearance. I was given a full psychological and psychiatric evaluation by professionals at least twice in my life, after graduating high school and after finishing graduate school before I was cleared as part of the employment requirements working for a major government contractor. As I stated earlier, no one who has ever known me in my life as ever suggested that I have Autism Spectrum Disorder or any other kind of similar issue. With that being said, why do you think you have more insight into my psyche than others who have personally known me f for decades? What are your qualifications for being able to diagnose me with a personality disorder over the Internet? Furthermore, why should you
    be given more credibility than trained and licensed professionals who have interviewed me personally?

    Why are you so crazy about me? This is the one million dollar question. Why are you in the least concerned about me and what I have in my videos? I do not just have a few followers on YouTube and am far from sounding like a broken record. I have a broad range of topics I talk about on a deep level. Any reasonably intelligent person can see this. Your mischaracterizations proves me right time and again about you being a classless, tactless and profoundly unintelligent piece of shit.

    You state that you do not give a fuck about me, yet your actions show the complete opposite. If you really did not give a fuck about me, you would not have littered the Internet with scandalous and slanderous bull shit about me.

    If you are sick of hearing me on YouTube, then why the fuck does your dumb ass keep watching my videos?

  14. I just told you. I didn’t watch your video links that you just posted. I’m not interested.

    I don’t watch your videos. I didn’t before. I only know of you because of others from Chimpmania and the Moonman websites. People were making fun of you, so I watched a little bit for the lulz.

    You are a lolcow. Nothing else.

    A psych evaluation isn’t the same as getting tested for Autism. I’m calling it as I see it. Just like you call me a fat trailer trash bitch. You don’t know that, for you have never seen me. But I have seen and heard you on your YouTube videos. Just by hearing you and seeing you, I know something is wrong with you. You’re not all there. Others have also stated that you have Autism. Not just me. Get tested.

    Done wasting my time with you. Get lost!

  15. You don’t watch my videos, you do not give a fuck about me and yet you litter the internet’s trashy websites makes false accusations about me and you keep asking me to get tested for “Autism”, yet you have no credentials to give you any credibility for anything more than changing your tampons. It doesn’t take a very bright person to see that you are riddled with ironies. Why do you think all of the fuck heads on Chimpmania should be given credibility in diagnosing a person over the internet with a personality disorder?

    You are not interested in my videos nor do you have the aptitude to understand most of what I discuss. Hell, you barely made it through high school, join the Marines (like most dumb asses do) and got out and you are still a dumb ass and racist troll.

    You can not “call it as you see it” if you are not a licensed psychologist. I call you a white trailer trash bitch, because it is a fact that is your mindset. You are a classless, tactless, culturally illiterate and very low IQ person. I make these assertions based on your communications style, your choice of words and your sentence structure. Not just me, but most intelligent people can see that you are all of these things I mentioned. Only mindless white trailer trash carries on the way you do. It is a state of mind… I am not giving you a psychological evaluation over the internet as no one can do that.

    Stop wasting your time? I have a better idea… Stop wasting your own time and get the fuck off of my case.

  16. I’m not carrying on. You are. It is seen in your posts. You spew your vitriol and act like an ass every time.

    It doesn’t matter if I’m a licensed psychologist or not. The signs are there. Just like when you see a kid with Downs Syndrome. You can tell by looking at it, that it has Downs Syndrome. You can make that conclusion yourself, without being a licensed psychologist. Same goes with you. I showed my friends’ liberal daughter one of your videos, for the lulz, and she said that I should be ashamed of myself for making fun of an Aspie (you). We didn’t watch the full video; just a minute and she had figured it out on her own. She is not a licensed psychologist either. People see your Autism showing. Go get tested!

    BTW, not only did I make it through high school, but I graduated a year early with an award for high motivation. I only needed 19.5 credits and did it in three years. During that time, I was involved with volunteer hospital work, the yearbook committee, the French club, and student council. In college, I made the dean’s list a few semesters. In the military, I got good conduct awards and after 10 years I took my honorable discharge as a Sergeant. Stop belittling me, just to make you feel good about yourself. Worry about your own problems.

  17. Hey bitch, stop validating yourself to me. I honestly do not give two shits about what you claim to have achieved. Bragging about that simple-minded shit is laughable anyway. You talking about making the Dean’s List a few semesters for example… I made the Dean’s List every semester bitch. What the fuck are you trying to impress me for? Are you in love with me ugly bitch?

    I have showed your posts about me to a number of very educated people and there is a consensus that you have serious deep seated issues. Your “friend’s liberal daughter” is a shit for brains idiot no different than you.

    As I have stated before bitch, I have been interviewed by a psychologist as an adult. So yes I have been tested and then some but I am going to go out on a limb here…

    There are 3 common traits of people who have ASD, namely
    1. The inability to form friendships:
    I have friends I have known for over 30 years and am still in contact with them, furthermore many people enjoy talking to me on a wide variety of subjects.

    2. Very narrow interests:
    I have been regarded as a very multifaceted person. I have given over 100 different speeches/presentations in Toastmasters. I have degrees in Mathematics/Physics and Meteorology. I was a Telephone Central Office Repairer in the US Army National Guard. I hold black belts in two different styles on martial arts. I taught myself Arabic and can read, write and speak it. I could easily go on further, but I made my point.

    3. Poor Motor Skills:
    Learning such things as juggling and having great physical aptitude as would be required for martial artists is more or less unheard of for people with ASD.

    I am not belittling you, I am simply giving fair and accurate assessments of who you are, you dumb white bitch.

  18. Stop validating myself?! YOU WANTED ME TO! You have been pushing me for months to tell you about myself. Don’t get all pissed off and bitchy, because I’m not the loser that you had expected.

    The only loser here is you. Others see you as a joke. Others can tell that you’re not the full quid. It would behoove you to go get tested for Autism.

    I have nothing more to say to you except that you are guilty of exposing these white women for your “so-called” claims of racism. And if I see more of these phony profiles, I will tell these women that you are responsible for posting them. If they wish to take action against you, that’s their business. I hope they sue you for every dime and that you get committed to a nut house.

    In the meantime, fuck off!

  19. You wrote:

    “Stop validating myself?! YOU WANTED ME TO! You have been pushing me for months to tell you about myself. Don’t get all pissed off and bitchy, because I’m not the loser that you had expected.”

    I never wanted to. All I simply wanted is to be left alone and not mocked and taunted on the internet just like any normal person. I am not pissed off nor bitchy. YOU are the person who is pissed off and bitchy as you have been littering the internet with shit about me, all of which is slander. You are the loser I expected and then some Nini. Only losers post slander about people they do not know from a hole in the ground, badger them about getting tested for autism and claiming that they are stalking people on the internet.

    The only loser here is you. Others see you as a joke. Others can tell that you’re not the full quid. It would behoove you to go get tested for Autism.

    “I have nothing more to say to you except that you are guilty of exposing these white women for your “so-called” claims of racism.”

    I have not. But for the sake of argument even if it is true, what is it to you? Why do you care so much about someone accusing women of being racist? So what? Why have you invested so much time and energy accusing me and talking about me? It sounds like this is a very personal thing to you for some reason I have been unable to figure out. Perhaps you are so butt hurt over me exposing the people on moonman and chimpmania for the racist white trash pieces of shit that you are. You feel so hurt by this because you have no defense… The best you can do is simply to attack me making up shit about me.

    “And if I see more of these phony profiles, I will tell these women that you are responsible for posting them. If they wish to take action against you, that’s their business. I hope they sue you for every dime and that you get committed to a nut house.”

    So you are going to post phony profiles and then tell women that I made them up? So how the fuck do you sound? You are the one who needs to be committed to a nut house. Besides, no one can get sued over something they have not posted on the internet you dumb bitch. The law does not work that way. You making false accusations about me however, is something which can get you sued and or placed in jail. If you do not believe me, simply keep doing what you are doing. You will live to regret every single thing your dumb classless white trash ass has ever posted about me.

    In the meantime, fuck off!

  20. Shut your fucking hole, Bromfield! YOU ARE GUILTY of writing those profiles about those white women. You are sad and butthurt over the fact that you can’t have them. And I hope they sue you.

    You are a dumb, worthless nigger! You’re not all there, and you won’t get tested for Autism. Maybe when those women take you to court, you can pull the Ass Burgers claim out of your ass and maybe the judge will go easy on you.

    Go buy yourself a hooker and get fucked, you sick autistic virgin! You are the nigger version of Christian Weston Chandler!

  21. LOL, guilty of writing profiles about white women? Is that a felony? LOL, a law suit? You are dumber than a box of rocks you white trash bitch.

    No Nini, the only butthurt one here is you not me because I am not the one who has been slandering a person I do not know for years while at the same time saying that I do not give a fuck about the person.

    I am far from dumb… Please do not assume everyone is stupid like you Nini. Everyone is not on the same level as your trailer trash ass.

    What you fail to understand is that there is no one alive who gives a shit about what you say or think about anyone or anything. You are a worthless shit for brains white trailer trash bitch and that is all you ever will be. You have no friends as you are utterly repulsive to the sight and repulsive in terms of personality.

  22. You’re slandering them. You wrote all that shit about those white women. Don’t lie. You just admitted it. You dumb asshole nigger! I hope they sue YOU for slander!

    Go and have all those things written about you investigated on the STD registry. You know, those posts that mentioned the KKK and lynching you. And the profiles that said you had AIDS. Go on…go call your lawyer and have those posts investigated. Since I didn’t write those, I don’t care.

    You are a dumb fuck, Rastus! You keep thinking it’s one person talking shit about you. You’ve pissed off a LOT of people: from NiNi, to Skim, to the black California hooker. YOU are the one who brought on the haters by opening your big mouth, and putting it on video.

    But that’s your Autism talking. You always make videos talking about yourself, playing the victim against the trolls. Just like Christian Weston Chandler.

  23. One sign of a very low IQ person is someone who keeps saying “yes you did, don’t lie” with no tangible evidence, just either something you made up on your own or something you are lead to believe based on you biases. Another sign of an extremely low IQ person is the inability to back up any claims you make (I.e “you have autism because you look like it” or because some toothless trailer trash who watched my video told you). You can accuse me all day of baseless shit, but I can take comfort in the fact that I have an IQ which is far higher than yours. I know this is true based on how easy it is to discredit anything you say.

    The other issue is that you are a profoundly discontent person. Most of us are to busy with our own lives to waste so much time mocking and insulting people we do not know. A characteristic of a high anxiety person is someone who has a diminished ability to get over hardships, slights or affronts to their character. You are a perfect example of this. You just stated above that you were very upset over me making videos confronting the Chimpmania people and others because you are in their camp. Since you suffer from high anxiety, it is very hard if not impossible for you to get over how much I hurt you. You are not an emotionally healthy person.

    I have had my YouTube channel terminated with over 3000 videos on it. What did I do? Complain and rant like you. No… I simply started up a new channel and moved on. I have made one or two videos about my account getting terminated, but that was it. This is what emotionally healthy people do. So I am far from having issues like you. I am leaps and bounds better than you emotionally and intellectually. None of the shit you post about me will ever change this you classless white trailer trash bitch.

  24. You’re a nigger. Half nigger. It’s fact that blacks have lower IQs and different craniums than whites.

    In the heart of Africa, the average IQ is less than 75.

    African Americans have a slightly higher IQ. Their average is 85, due to being mixed with whites. The average white IQ is 100. My IQ is above average: 124. I don’t claim to be the smartest person in the world, but that isn’t necessary. I am a girl. I am looked after and taken care of just fine.

    So when niggers breed with whites, it’s improving their bloodline, but it’s deteriorating ours. We lose IQ points, our light eye colors and our good hair when we breed with shit! Smart white people want their children to look like Tom Cruise, Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, and Tomi Lahren. They don’t want their offspring looking like the ugly half breed girl with the bad hair from the Cheerios commercial.

    As I stated before, I don’t claim to be the smartest person in the world, but I am smart enough to figure you out. You are guilty of everything I had ever mentioned and you have Aspergers or some other malfunction that makes you act the way you do. Normal grown adults don’t make videos discussing their haters as much as you do. You gets so worked up over it, people think you are a paranoid schizophrenic. You need help. And you should not be allowed online. You shouldn’t be allowed to drive or be on the telephone either, without a competent adult present. You need to be put away in a group home for the mentally retarded.

  25. Intelligence is the last thing which would come to anyone’s mind in reading your posts. Your arguments are characteristic of a person of below average intelligence. My IQ is way higher than yours, which is no surprise. Every time you post anything, you further solidify the idea that you are profoundly stupid and classless.

    When was the last time I have made a public video discussing my haters? How many of them did I make? Did I make more videos on that than I have on neuroscience and Psychology? Why do you watch my videos. If you do not watch them, then how do you know about what I discuss? Why are you talking to people who watch my videos? Why are you so obsessed with me?

    I do not know all black people, but I would wager a bet that most if not all of the black people I have ever known are far more intelligent and have much more class than you ever will. Furthermore, most whites I have ever known are far more intelligent and have more class than you.

  26. You made videos yesterday about your haters. On the 7th. You posted the links here. That’s how I know. Normally I avoid your channel. At least Christian Chandler is funny. You’re not. You suck.

    I didn’t watch the video links you posted. I don’t care. I have better things to do than listen to an Autistic whine about his haters, in yet another video. Change the record for fucks sake!

    If I’m such a fucking moron, then ignore me. Stop posting to me. I am not obsessed with you. Personally I don’t like you. I just tell the truth about you, so others will know who the instigating fucker is who makes these profiles about white women.

  27. I did not make any videos on my “haters” nor have I made any videos of that type for a couple of months. Besides, those are not public videos, those are videos addressing your bullshit to me directly.

    Now how the fuck do you sound… You just said that I made videos on my “haters” yesterday, yet you did not watch any of those videos. You are one of the stupidest people… You are so fucking dumb that you do not realize how stupid you sound every fucking time you post anything. You also claim that you have “better things to do with your time” yet all you do it post a bunch of bullshit.

    You are telling the truth about me? You would not know the truth if it hit you in the face. How the fuck are you telling the “truth” about me when every Go Damn thing you post about me is false? Whenever you are corrected or I point out exactly why you are wrong, you simply tell me that I am lying. How the fuck are you going to know more about myself than I do? Just because you say things are true, does not make them true, you dumb bitch. With the way you write, most reasonably intelligent people would not take you any more seriously than a fart blowing in the wind.

  28. If I’m such a dumb bitch or a moron (like you say) then you need your ignore me. Stop posting to me! I am NOT obsessed with you. Personally, I don’t like you. I just tell the truth about you, just so others will know who the instigating fucker is who makes these profiles about white women. I am NOT the only one who says this. The poster that reported you on STD Registry last year said the same thing about you. And if I stopped posting about you, somebody else will soon take over telling people that you are the culprit.

    Fuck you and your asinine videos! Stop stalking white women, you dirty fucking pervert!

  29. When you make false accusations about people, don’t expect them to ignore you. You have not provided one iota of evidence to support any semblance of a sound argument. All you seem to know how to do is call names, insult, slander and present childish straw man arguments. All of your assertions read like you pulled them out of your ass. You could not argue your way out of wet toilet paper. No ones takes anything you say seriously primarily because everything you post reads like you do not have the intelligence of an amoeba.

    I defy you to bring all of those people here who have talked shit about me so they can confront me directly. I know this will never happen because you are the only one talking shit about me on the internet.

  30. Nope. Not true. You have more than one hater. You run your mouth too much.

    Skim, NiNi, the StD Registry poster, and the black California hooker are NOT the same person.

    The more videos you make showing your ass and the more profiles you make about these innocent white women, the more haters you are going to create. The more you piss people off, the more they will react!

  31. There you go again. I did not once state that I have only one hater. Not even the pope has just one hater. I think I can clearly see from your communications style however, that you are the only person accusing me of things I did not do and misidentifying me. Skim has more or less disappeared, YOU are NiNi, YOU are the StD Registry poster and Raven Hooker has wound up homeless and therefore has much larger fish to fry than talking about someone on the internet. To use people of their caliber to support your argument really solidifies how much of a classless, unintelligent and unsophisticated person you are.

  32. You are dumber than a box of rocks you stupid bitch. You therefore should be the last person talking about other people needing to be “locked away”.

  33. I am NOT the STD registry poster. But feel free to go have your lawyer investigate it. Go on, go contact your lawyer, get IP addresses and sue for defamation of character.

    Worry about your own problems, instead of worrying about other people’s lack of intelligence. If I am “that” fucking stupid, why are you still posting to me? Ignore me. But you won’t. You’ll keep posting. You’ll keep running your mouth. You’re worse than a woman, when it comes to wanting to have the last word. But then you are a girl, aren’t you? You dumb cunt!

  34. I am indeed only concerned my own problems. When you slander my name like you have done, I see this as MY problem. You however are so much concerned about me that you have screen captured pictures of me from my YouTube videos and posted them in slanderous profiles about me, as if you are doing something useful. You have no room to tell anyone to simply ignore you. By ignoring you, I would be impowering you. Now I can take comfort that anyone coming across these profiles you post about me will never be taken seriously.

    You have nothing useful to do other than showing the word how fucking pathetic, miserable and classless you are by fucking with somebody who does not give two shits about you or anybody connected to you.

    Whether you are the STD registry poster or not, you still are YOU. You still have to wake up in the morning and look and your ugly face and your ugly flabby out of shape body.

  35. The problem with you is that you lack emotional maturity, intelligence and class. You demonstrate through your interests and your communications style and you have lost touch with normal people as no normal person of intelligence, class and character would want to have anything to do with you. The only people you are able to cultivate friendships with are the toothless, inbred pieces of white trash found on Chimpmania, storm front and moonman central.

  36. The problem with YOU is that you’re an immature know-it-all bitch who thinks you have to have the last word.

    I haven’t pissed off nearly as many people as you have. People have made videos about you, venting their disgust over you. No one has ever done that with me. People can easily address someone by their username or Twitter handle, as well. It doesn’t have to be their real name. You will never know mine. I do not trust you. As soon as you found out that kid’s name on the Moonman website, you couldn’t wait to put him out there on those revenge sites. At least he was smart enough not to give his real name. You’re the only jackass who uses your real name, while talking shit about things and people that you personally do not like, and pissing people off. I, however, am not that stupid to do the same. Call it cowardice, if you wish, I don’t care. I call it being SMART! I am protecting me, my job, my reputation, and my family. I do not trust you. Not only would you put me on blast, saying half truths about me…but you’d probably be stalking where I lived on Google maps or some other horseshit!

    You would not only be saying half truths about me, but you’d be posting bold faced lies about me, claiming diseases, uncleanliness (pussy/ball bag odor), bad sex performances…etc. You’d be accusing me of child and pet abuse. You’d just be an absolute scumbag. And that is the kind of drama I can live without! Because I know I am not those things that I had just mentioned. But you would say otherwise. This is why I am not that stupid to ever give you my real name and location.

    I don’t care how high your IQ is. You are one stupid fuck for making videos, talking shit under your real name. If you would have stuck to your calculus, juggling, and teaching foreign languages, you’d have more followers and you wouldn’t have ever been bothered by those bullies on the racist websites. You have nobody to blame but yourself!

  37. I NEVER used my real name in my YouTube videos. My real name was divulged by you and others of your ilk after digging through the Internet.

    You are the world’s biggest hypocrite. You state that you don’t like being mocked, insulted and disparaged, yet you are doing the same to me. Intelligent people of class and character deal with individuals and issues on a case by case basis. Dumb asses make blanket assumptions about individuals, based on their race, religion, gender, age, etc. This whole thing started by me simply speaking out against racists and racism. After that, I was attacked relentlessly by dumb asses like you and others of your ilk. After that, you could not get over your butt hurt feelings, which is a sign of an emotional pathology far worse than any bogus claims you have made about me. Since that time, you have slandered me by making bogus accusations that I have been stalking women I do not know from a hole in the ground. When people do things like that, they have a death wish. What you have done to me goes way over the line and is no comparison to what I have ever said about anyone online. For you to point at what I may have said in retaliation to your bullshit is asinine as hell. There is absolutely no excuse for going after an individual by slandering them and people in their family as you have done to me. You have absolutely no defense. The best you can do at this point is to simply shut your pie hole. I do not give a shit about you and fail to understand why the hell you care so much about me.

    Do not worry about what I post on YouTube. None of my content is for dumb asses like you or people of your ilk.

  38. I have NEVER stalked you. Other people dug up information about you.

    Your stalker is named Lena. She lives in Jacksonville, Florida. She is known as Tattooed Red Head from

    She trolled you for awhile and exposed your personal information to everybody. But once you started exposing her website and reporting it for racism, trying to have it taken down, she backed down. She is an angry Jew who hates blacks. After she backed down, others have taken over the trolling from the information that SHE had exposed. She was the one who found your name and address. Lena is always stalking and trolling people. She has no life.

    I could care less about you, Rastus. You are a tard, imo. I don’t give a fuck about your degrees or your IQ. You have no common sense and you act like someone who has Aspergers. You belong in a group home along with people of your ilk – The Autistic, Downs Syndrome, Slightly Retarded…etc. You should not be allowed to drive, use the phone, or internet without a responsible adult present, helping and or doing things for you. You are incapable of functioning on your own.

  39. You cannot tell me you do not care about me while at the same time saying I belong in a group home. If I am unable to function normally in society, there is no doubt in my mind that I would be either dead, homeless or in prison now. People who cannot functional normally in society, are not able to stay gainfully employed for long, pay bills and take care of themselves. I am 49 years old, never been homeless and have never been unemployed for longer than 4 months since I got my first job. I take good care of myself. I regularly go to the doctor, brush and floss my teeth every day. People with no common sense are not like me. I am sure I have way more common sense than you do. First of all, I would never make false accusations about people I do not know by posting the shit on these trashy websites. People who do the kinds of things you do wind up getting murdered.

  40. Sure you do. You posted stuff about people. You posted about that Harris kid from Moonman. And you are the one who posted that “so-called” anti-racist rant about those random white women on these “trashy” sits, as you put it.

    Lie all you want. People know it’s you. You do the things that you accuse me of doing. So maybe it will be YOU – the one who will get murdered by a pissed off woman (that you don’t personally know), that you put on blast.

  41. I do not think posting things about people I disagree with should be a death sentence. Nor do I believe in just ignoring and putting up with people who attack me. If you fuck with me, you should expect me to fuck with you. You leave me alone, I will leave you alone. Whether it is a 14 year old kid attacking me or an 84 year old lady who attacks me, neither on of them have a ticket to say whatever they wish about me with no repercussions.

    You have the mentally of a young child. Only a child keeps accusing people of things they did not do with no evidence. Just for the sake of settling this issue however, I would just say that I have been guilty of everything you accuse me of but I simply won’t because I would just not feel right about lying about things I did not and have absolutely no interest in doing. You will never get me to lie about something I did not do. So what the fuck do you want from me? A cookie?

    Regardless of what you say, you will never force me to admit to something I did not do.

    Why are you so concerned about what you accuse me of? Why haven’t any of those big time porn stars contacted the LAPD to have me arrested? Do you fucking realize how serious of a crime stalking is you dumb bitch? If a celebrity felt her life were in danger, do you think she would waste any time in calling the cops? Do you think the cops would waste any time in getting to my door you dumb bitch?

  42. The only dumb bitch around here is you, you silly old cunt!

    Keep on stalking the white girls, you pervert! And the cops will come looking for you, just like they did to you years ago in Pennsylvania.

    Everybody knows that you’re cyberstalking and cyber-attacking the white girls, because like the typical nigger buck that you are, you cannot handle rejection. Black males hate it when whites women diss and dismiss them. They idolize white gurls and hate it when Becky doesn’t want anything to do with them.

    Stick to black queens, Rastus. They don’t reject men, as much. Any dick will do.

  43. On the contrary, most reasonably intelligent people reading our interaction here would clearly see that you are dumb as a box of rocks. Since you have started posting here, you have not provided one iota of intelligence/intelligent statements. Your communications style is that of someone who not only lacks intelligence, but lacks emotional maturity as well. Your constant false accusations here for example tells the trained observer reading that you are a person of very high anxiety, perhaps suffering from PTSD or generalized anxiety disorder and very low intelligence. Most people know that constantly insisting that you are right about something without providing any evidence is no way to win an argument nor any way to convince anyone that you are right. You can accuse me of doing things I did not do a million times, but that is never going to change the fact that you are full of shit in your statements.

    I cannot speak for or against any one particular race of people, but what I can say for certain is that YOU as an individual person is a walking bag of shit riddled with issues which warrant professional help.

  44. Shut the fuck up about my communication style, you autistic fucking retard!

    My grammar, punctuation, and spelling are fine. If you have a problem understanding what I’m writing, then it’s YOU who has the problem, NOT me.

    You are indeed lying! You are guilty of exposing those innocent white women of racism, and I have proof. Anybody with an IQ higher than 85 can see it. You write these profiles about the white women, and then you keep tabs on the comments. The moment you see your name mentioned, your black ass is right in the comments, “within hours”, defending yourself. If you were truly innocent, you would not even be here! If you were indeed innocent, you wouldn’t be on here defending yourself (in such a short time of when the accusation against you was written), simply because you wouldn’t even know about this particular profile on this website. If you were truly innocent, you wouldn’t be on here commenting at all. You are guilty as hell, and everybody knows it.

    And to top it off, your stupid ass appears on here at all hours of the day, commenting. I thought you said you had a full time job? How could you be working and commenting here, at the same time? A respectable job wouldnt approve if you were caught exchanging piss and venom on this website, when you should be working and doing your job.

    The next time you lie and deny writing these profiles, I hope you drop dead 💀 of a heart attack. You know damn well that you’re the asshole writing this libel about those pretty white girls that you can’t have. EVERYBODY KNOWS IT’S YOU! 😡

  45. You really suck at logic. Your arguments do not hold piss, so I will not even address them.

    I am here because this shows up after I enter my name into Google, not because I keep tabs on it. If you want to talk about a heart attack… I work out every day and eat healthy so my chances of dropping dead from a heart attack are about as much as a chance as a snow ball in hell. You however strike me as extremely neurotic, angry and anxious. This is revealed by your communications style. You therefore are much more likely than myself to have a heart condition or high blood pressure. When was the last time you got your cholesterol checked, you fat ugly bitch?

  46. Then don’t argue with my logic. I don’t give a fuck. I know I’m right. You would NOT be here, constantly defending yourself, if you we’re innocent. I’m not the only one who sees this or knows this. The more you deny it, the more people know that you’re lying.

    My health is fine, asshole. Probably better than most. My physical activity is better than most. I get checked out often, and I don’t drink alcohol or soda. Bringing the truth to light about you is actually therapeutic.

  47. I am not arguing with your “logic” as you have none. What does saying “I know I am right” ten thousand times do? If you really know you are right about something, why do you need to keep saying it over and over again? Is that going to get more people to believe you or something? Bring one person here other than you who is reading this, have them contact me via my YouTube channel or here and allow them to prove that there is more than one person other than you who actually believes anything you have posted here. Like I stated earlier, I would encourage people to contact the police on me and file a report. I will even go so far as to say contact the porn star or whoever you claim and am stalking directly and tell her that I am stalking her, so she can file a police report to have me arrested.

    To be fair, I cannot really tell what the state of your physical health is. What I can state for certain however is that you are an extremely emotionally unhealthy and discontent person. What you do, is not what emotionally healthy people and contented people do. I would almost wager a bet that you suffer from PTSD or some kind of anxiety disorder. While I cannot know this for certain, what manifests in your communications style and what you have said, bespeaks the inability to put on the breaks and cool down.

  48. Have you died yet Nini? If I do not get a response, I am going to assume your dumb ass is dead. I will find your grave so I can piss on it.

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