Aaron Greenspan owner of vicious website plainsite.org under fraudulent 501c Think Computer Corporation

Aaron Greenspan owner of vicious website plainsite.org under fraudulent 501c Think Computer Corporation
This individual gets his enjoyment out of collecting people’s personal and private data through legal and illegal means because he is also a hacker. This guy gets hold of the publics information and then uploads these personal and private documents on to his vicious website plainsite.org. If you ask this Bastard to remove a URL he turns around and will do more damage to an innocent person online. He will post more information about you online and ultimately ruin your career, reputation, safety and your entire lives. This nut does this because he is a bum who thinks that he’s smarter than everyone else and of course to everyone else as well. This individual believes that he is too superior to go out and get a real job and be productive to society Must be the way he was brought up. He thinks he is above everyone and can simply do whatever he feels like it because he thinks he’s too clever to get caught setting up a fraudulent 501c under the Think Computer Corporation scam. He is an individual who likes his hands nice and clean and just knows how to tap on his keyboard in airconditioned office or home, as he sits there laughing to himself, as he fully enjoys destroying people’s careers and reputations. This is how this sick sociopath gets his kicks. This individual will use the excuse that this information is public and other nonsense but he cannot leave it on the State and Federal databases because he even seeks out the most personal and private information on people, in order to literally screw people over. This nut is a full fledged hacker and mingles with hackers from different parts of the world on the dark web. He has delusions of grandeur where he claims he invented facebook and now wants to get a medal for making facecash. Can you imagine this sociopath owning and running facecash? He would gain access to everyone’s personal and private information under the guise that he is trying to do something good for society? Ya right!. This nut wants to rule the entire people of the earth and trying to take the steps by controlling the flow of money and having complete access to everyone’s entire personal and private information. Aaron Greenspan is a very dangerous individual who belongs in a mental institution and there should be laws against sociopath’s like Aaron Greenspan messing with everyone’s personal data so he can get his some easy money without having to really work for it.
Aaron Greenspan should not be allowed to go anywhere near any type of computer or even a smart phone and should undergo a full psychiatric evaluation. Imagine this sociopath controlling people’s money?, Especially after what this sick guy is doing to people already with his vicious monetized website plainsite.org. This guy is simply insane. Just look at his eyes. There is something wrong with this guys brain. Imagine what this sociopath would do if he could access weapons by pushing buttons?. He would destroy people. He is a dangerous and very sick in the head individual.
Aaron Greenspan uses his hacking skills to hack into people’s computers and State and Federal databases, in order to gain access to as much personal data on people that he can for the sole purpose of posting this personal data on his monetized website plainsite.org and consequently destroy people’s careers and reputations at his every whim. Can you imagine this sociopath having control over a Banking system?. He would turn good hard working people into his slaves and do this with a smile on his face because he is a dangerous sociopath.

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