Aaron Greenspan owns plainsite.org has this under fraudulent 501c called Think Computer

Aaron Greenspan the sneaky individual who owns and runs the monetized website plainsite.org under a fraudulent 501c called “Think Computer” is nothing but low life criminal hiding behind his computer, as he does major harm to the careers and reputations of Americans.
Aaron Greenspan fully enjoys destroying people’s careers and reputations as he hides behind his computer. This individual is a complete narcissistic sociopath. He thinks he is “special”, smarter than everyone else and he has no remorse or conscious when it comes to destroying people’s lives with his low life website called plainsite.org.
Aaron Greenspan is a coward who enjoys gaining illegal access to legal documents by way of hacking into the computer systems of various State and Federal agencies, then throws his information on to his vicious monetized website plainsite.org. If you ask this nut to remove anything, he will turn around and throw more documents on the web.
Not to worry! The IRS’ 501c department is on to this little bastard and have received many complaints against this individual’s fraudulent tax schemes. This individual is not posting his real contact information on his ruthless monetized website plainsite.org, in order to send him legal documents. This individual is working with Attorneys to screw over Americans, in order to drum up business and money for these unethical Attorneys.
The scheme works like this: Aaron Greenspan will get as much information as he can and obtain this information through legal and illegal means. Then he will upload this personal and private information on to plainsite.org. So, when a particular “Cyber Attorney” is contacted they don’t have to do anything but give Aaron Greenspan a call and then split the money that the Attorney receives from hard working Americans, in order to have a URL removed from the web.
Aaron Greenspan is violating the RICO Act in an intentional manner. This individual is working with certain Attorneys by posting people’s personal and private information on the web under the guise that he wants all legal documents to be in “plain site”. The truth of the matter is that Aaron Greenspan doesn’t care about helping anyone but himself and making his dirty profits off the backs of honest hard working Americans. Aaron Greenspan is intentionally ruining the careers and reputations of Americans, so that people get desperate and hire a useless Attorney who will then contact Aaron Greenspan and for a fee will remove the particular URL. This entire scheme is done so that Attorneys can create work and profits for themselves and Aaron Greenspan’s monetized website plainsite.org is part of this scheme. This was all planned out by Aaron Greenspan to work with Attorneys and receive kickbacks for removing certain URL’s, after the Attorney is paid of course. Aaron Greenspan is nothing more than a criminal and there is nothing innocent at all about this individual.
Aaron Greenspan is a Hacker! Better believe it! This individual has and is hacking into all types of restricted Servers, in order to access personal and private information on people so that he can download these documents on to his monetized website plainsite.org. Aaron Greenspan is nothing more than a criminal who uses his computers to do his criminal activity against the public.
All of Aaron Greenspan’s concocted ideas of inventing things like facebook will go nowhere because nobody wants a full blown sociopath running and controlling a pay source. This individual is completely out of his mind and has delusions of grandeur. In his mind he believes that he is above the rest of the people and thinks that he is too clever. The fact is that this individual has serious mental issues, that are so full blown that he doesn’t even realize how mentally sick he is. In his mind this Aaron Greenspan believes that he is some sort of genius and loves the attention and fame. He thinks he’s superior to the rest of the people. This individual has all the traits of a complete sociopath that is so far gone, that there nothing that can help this sick individual. This individual should never be allowed to even touch a computer and never be allowed to access people’s personal and private information. Anything in the hands of Aaron Greenspan is completely dangerous. This individual should be locked up in a psychiatric hospital and be put on some serious meds. In his mind he thinks that he is normal and is doing the public a favor, when in fact this individual is a detriment and danger to society. This guy doesn’t want to do any real work and especially refuses to work with his hands like he should be. This guy should be washing dishes for a living and not be allowed to put his dirty fingers anywhere near a computer or even a smart phone.
Aaron Greenspan is completely harmful to society, as he dedicates his time and energy to destroying people’s careers and reputations.
This individual has so many complaints against him at this point with the FBI’s IC3, Attorney General’s Office, FCC, FTC and agencies that will not be mentioned here are seriously looking in to this sociopath’s criminal actions towards the public.

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