Jose Zaforteza Fuster “Nino Mimado”

This asshole Jose Zaforteza Fuster was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and had everything handed to him on a silver platter.
This guy is what one calls in Spain a “Nino mimado”, or a mother’s boy. He has never had to do real work in his entire life and he has received everything handed to him, through his father’s corrupt influences, connections and money.

In the meantime that this privileged asshole is getting everything handed to him, schooling, jobs, apartment and everything else, spaniards all across Spain have to work as waiters, receptionists and other jobs even though many spaniards have a college education and are smarter than this entitlement minded asshole.

In Spain the highly intelligent people are not getting the jobs, that they deserve to get, because most don’t have these corrupt connections like this Jose Zaforteza Fuster who’s “Papacito” has provided for him with the monies that he and his family have been stealing from people for decades, with the use of they corrupt connections, law licenses and other criminal activities.

You see in Spain little to nothing happens to these types of corrupt families and they even control the local newspapers, as to what or will not be reported on them and everything else such as the way they are photographed in public and whatever story will be told will not be the truth it will follow their story line. If anyone reports the truth on this corrupt family they will lose their jobs and this family will use their corrupt influences to destroy an individual.

Jose Zaforteza Fuster’s father Mariano Zaforteza Fortuny and his two uncle’s Raimundo Zaforteza Fortuny and Jose Zaforteza who is a narcissistic sociopath, were given everything on a silver platter their entire lives and they believe that the laws of Spain do not pertain to them. They believe that they can simply do whatever they feel like it to whoever they feel like, with the use of their corrupt influences, law licenses and other underhanded things that they employ.

As a matter of fact Mariano Zaforteza Fortuny became a Judge after his father Jose Zaforteza Calvet pushed the right buttons and used his corrupt influences to get him in their and pass the exams. That’s how things work in

The same goes for Raimundo Zaforteza Fortuny who became a prosecutor with his father’s assistance and influences of course.

Then you have this really sick narcissistic sociopath Jose Zaforteza Fortuny who is the youngest of the three brothers who because of his father’s “enchufe’s” connections and influences was able to get this sick sociopath as a Prosecutor. This Jose Zaforteza Fortuny has intentionally fucked over so many people. This asshole believes that he can simply use his corrupt influences and name to just do whatever he want to whoever he feels like it. This rotten sociopath must of been born out of control from the start. This asshole should never have been allowed anywhere near a job as a Prosecutor or any job where he can abuse his power over the public.
Jose Zaforteza Fortuny is a serious Narcissistic Sociopath with Delusions of Grandeur.

The sister Regina Zaforteza Fortuny was given the duties by her father Jose Zaforteza Calvet of controlling the money and the properties such as Jardins de Alfabia in Bunyola, Mallorca.

These assholes think that they are still living in the 16th Century under the Serf system, where they have all their minions, or better stated slaves doing all their manual labor. In their homes they all have slaves, or housekeepers doing all of their manual labor, while they all go out and get their law licenses and have their children continue in their footsteps of controlling everyone and everything around them.

They are what they call in England “Control Freaks”. Better stated “Corrupt Control Freaks”.

The property of Jardins de Alfabia in Bunyola, Mallorca was stolen from the people, by this corrupt family. Where there is lots of money, or nice properties, there you will find this family using their law licenses and corrupt influences and deceitful practices to simple take these things from the public, by using all kinds of underhanded and unethical methods.

This family is responsible for huge amounts of money laundering. This is the reason why they are able to expand their law firm and buy up properties all over. Pilar Zaforteza Cerda is conveniently learning all about the money laundering process and she will have to learn a lot. Her father Jose Zaforteza Fortuny has been and is involved in large money laundering schemes, as this sociopath is just completely out of control with his Delusions of Grandeur.

These people just think that they can do whatever they want and live it up, while the hard working men and women and Spain are suffering with low paying jobs. This family has amassed their wealth by way of ill gotten gains through many underhanded, deceitful, lying, unethical, immoral ways and screwing over honest hard working men and women, in order to selfishly enrich themselves and to make sure that their offspring follow in their footsteps of corruption and deceit.

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