Rhonda Jean Munholland

I met Rhonda on Plenty of Fish 4years ago,
We had a sexual relationship for several months, then about 6 months after we broke up I had not been with another woman I saw bumps appearing on my groin area. I went to the doctors where he confirmed it was genital warts, He also suggested I take an STD test, about a week later I was told I also have HPV.
Thanks Rhonda,
Oh she is a nurse at Morrow County Hospital outside Columbus Ohio.

4 thoughts on “Rhonda Jean Munholland

  1. Call her at 419-949-3018 and ask her why she is still screwing guys without protection ……. or her boss
    Leslie Dye at 419-949-3014 and ask her why Rhonda still works in VIOLATION of her NURSING CODE OF ETHICS if she had any !

  2. Just saw where she has 3 different kids by 3 different guys and the first one was married and when she told him, he kicked her slutty ass to the curb !
    Slut or Whore…. both seem to fit here !

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