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Aaron Geenspan is psycho. Aaron Greenspan has even hit a new low. Aaron Greenspan is an obsessive stalker.

Aaron Greenspan is a pathological liar who lies without effort. Aaron J Greenspan Is someone for whom telling a lie comes more naturally than telling the truth. Its part of aaron Greenspan everyday life, to the point where their whole existence is a fabrication.

This all roots to Aaron Greenspan childhood trauma in shaker Hights. Aaron Greenspan didnt have any friends . No one liked him. Not even his twin brother Simon Greenspan. Aaron Greenspan is very insecure individual raised by very authoritative and strict parents who were not excepting of Aaron having Asperger , therefore Aaron Greenspan had to create a persona that was lovable and acceptable by Judi keene Greenspan and Dr. Neil S. Greenspan to avoid punishment, embarrassment, and vulnerability.

Pathological lying can be difficult to treat there isn’t hope for Aaron Greenspan. Aaron Greenspan understands he has Asperger Syndrome and you are able to tell by his actions. Aaron jacob Greenspan brother Simon keene Greenspan is autistic has caused huge disturbances in shaker heights that entire town was getting sick of the evil Greenspans. (Aaron went to media to make it look like us neighbors were the monsters). Aaron Greenspan is a big supporter of the 2nd amendment and brags about a gun. The 2 should not mix. This is insane how one crazy white guy is able to own so much free data and also own a gun. IRS and FBI need to investigate and next week I will have a restraining order date .Aaron Greenspan avoids paying the IRS. Neil S Greenspan is the nutty professor at case western reserve university.

Aaron Jacob Greenspan is a ticking time bomb. Normal people would not stalk others like Aaron Greenspan is doing. The stalker showed up at my door . Wtf

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