BlacklistReport™© 2012 has a simple mission. To create a global Blacklist of individuals, businesses, and products that have been taking advantage of others. What better way to improve the lives of everyone than by letting them know who and what to avoid? Others can then make more informed decisions based on the information provided. Cheating lovers, dishonest contractors, lawyers, nanny’s, lying job searchers, non-paying tenants…  no one is safe from being Blacklisted. Karma has finally arrived!

At BlacklistReport, we believe that we are all responsible to warn each other about the bad and often unscrupulous behaviors of individuals, private entrepreneurs, professionals, academics, and business leaders by exposing those that do wrong to the rest of the world.BlacklistReport believes this website will encourage people and business to behave in ethical ways -serving customers, treating and paying workers well, keep lovers and partners honest, and encouraging everyone to treat eachother properly. It will encourage individuals to treat each other with respect, honesty, and integrity.

BlacklistReport’s goal is to encourage everyone to become role models for the next generation, in their own communities and on a global scale. If not, we feel that it is the global responsibility to warn the rest of mankind about those that do not!

Will YOU be on the list?