Jose Zaforteza Fuster “Nino Mimado”

This asshole Jose Zaforteza Fuster was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and had everything handed to him on a silver platter. This guy is what one calls in Spain a “Nino mimado”, or a mother’s boy. He has never had to do real work in his entire life and he has receivedRead more

Margarita Garcia Mas una sucia Prostituta de Palma de Mallorca también conocida como “Angelita” y “Helen”

Margarita Garcia Mas una suecia Prostituta de Palma de Mallorca también conocida como “Angelita” y “Helen” Esta mujer creci en la Calle Despuig de Palma de Mallorca y con una joven edad empezó de prostituirse para dinero, ya que esta mujer es mas vaga. Margarita Garcia Mas le gusta sentarse todo el día en suRead more

Aaron Greenspan evil bastard owner of a sick Sociopathic born on 3/30/1983 to a sick father Neil S Greenspan with NPI Number 1386663938 who is the VP and Treasurer for a fraudulent 501c Think Computer

* Do not let this individual Aaron Greenspan harass, intimidate, threaten or bully in any way this website to remove anything, as “We the People” have the exact same First Amendment Rights as this Sociopath does and we are exposing the full truth on this Hacker and Menace to Society. Aaron Greenspan is a sickRead more