Aaron Greenspan plainsite plainsite.org Facebook facecash Neil Greenspan Sanford

Aaron Greenspan Neil Greenspan professor at case western reserve university are committing fraud. Judy Greenspan keenepromotions Keene promotions is the mastermind behind it. Simon Greenspan is the least crazy one. Plainsite plainsite.org needs to shut down. Aaron Jacob Greenspan is a troll.

Jeffrey Allen Steinport a/k/a Jeff Steinport owner of Vianet, LLC that pushes ruthless monetized websites

Jeffrey Allen Steinport a/k/a Jeff Steinport is the owner of over 50 ruthless monetized websites, that throw people under the bus so this bully can make some easy money for himself. This individual is a detriment to society. In 2004 Jeff Steinport got a job as a Network Administrator with the company called Advantage SalesRead more