Aaron Greenspan aka Aaron Jacob Greenspan owns and runs plainsite.org under a fraudulent 501c non-profit called Think Computer where his father Neil S Greenspan is the VP and Treasurer

Do not let this little coward threaten, intimidate or harass this website. Aaron Greenspan will not be able to do anything and all of his cases get thrown out in US Courts. This nut never hires Attorneys. In case he sends a return address or any other contact information, then please make this public soRead more

Jeffrey Allen Steinport a/k/a Jeff Steinport associated with RIcky Steinport, Kim Steinport, Doris Steinport

Jeffrey Allen Steinport a/k/a Jeff Steinport This individual somehow received a law license from Michigan at the end of 2012 and now resides in Scottsdale, Arizona where he runs Vianet, LLC and dedicates his time and effort to creating, running and profiting off of monetized websites. Jeffrey Allen Steinport enjoys collecting the public’s personal andRead more

Attention: Peter James Bromfield Has A Cyberstalker And is Not Stalking Dr. Heather Robertson

Warning: Mr Peter James Bromfield has a cyberstalker who has been stalking him on the internet in an attempt to defame his name and has been writing false information against him in various places which are absolute Lies by stating that he is the creator of posts that target certain people which has never, everRead more


What this guy has done to me by slandering me on this site and some others is obviously revenge and to send me a “message” about exposing him for his first slandering and making false claims of me on the LiarsCheatersRUs site. From what I’ve seen so far, it’s seems that he’ll never learn andRead more

The Wife Who Posted About Dana Michelle Scott, Steubenville, Ohio, United States (Warning)

Warning: The Wife who posted about Dana Michelle Scott who is from Steubenville in the state of Ohio is a guilty racist bigot and a guilty racially prejudiced person and individual. Her bitterness, acrimony, and sheer resentment not only has been targeted towards Dana Michelle Scott from Steubenville in the state of Ohio (who endedRead more