Ciara Miller – Bear, Delaware

This lying, loudmouth cunt is a piece of shit! This radical sheboon started chimping out in public, verbally attacking a Veteran and his service dog inside a restaurant “Kathy’s Crab House”, in Delaware City, Delaware. “It’s Nasty and Disgusting” – Woman Abuses Veteran For Bringing Service Dog in Restaurant [VIDEO] Before people started video recordingRead more

Aaron Weixel San Jose California & Medford Oregon has a new baby he abandoned September 2017

Renne Hom: Slanderous/Defaming Post made by Andre Jae Canepa (AJ) in Grass Valley, California What this guy has done to me by slandering me on this site and some others is obviously revenge and to send me a “message” about exposing him for his first slandering and making false claims of me on the LiarsCheatersRUs site. From what I’ve seen so far, it’s seems that he’ll neverRead more

Kimberly Kerwin

Kimberly Kerwin got her ex husband arrested because she was fucking a friend of his and showcasing it, causing him to go crazy. One year later, she found another potential victim in that she would call the police on several occasions, have him stalked by her employer, and even cheated on him with another man.Read more

Charity Ricker, Charity Dawn Ricker, United States, USA

There are of course a few things one should take note of concerning Charity Ricker who also goes by the name of Charity Dawn Ricker: To begin with Charity Ricker (or Charity Dawn Ricker) happens to be a filthy racist and a grotesque bigot whose dirty bigotry and putrid prejudice is against those who areRead more

Stephanie Connolly, Blue Springs, Missouri, USA

Three things about Stephanie Connolly who is from Blue Springs in the state of Missouri: 1. She is a deceitful racist and a bitterly prejudiced bigoted person who is against African-American males or Black men. 2. Stephanie Connolly’s racism is full of considerable hatred and loathing against the skin pigmentation of these African-American men orRead more

Vanita Dalipram, University of the West Indies Graduate, Trinidad and Tobago (Verdict: Guilty)

Vanita Dalipram who is a University of the West Indies Open Scholarship Recipient and Graduate is a truly appalling and unspeakably atrocious person. She was “exposed” for lack of a better term when naked or nude pictures of herself were posted on the internet by various accomplices without her express permission. I agree this isRead more