Sarah Dunsby Journalist of promotes scammers thieves liars like Matthew Smith

Matthew Smith can’t stop lying and found a new outlet on the blog ” ” by said “blogger / journalist ” Sarah Dunsby. I saw one of Sarah Dunsby’s article on titled “” The importance of a sustainable investment in commercial property “ and seeing that she quote as a reference a pathologicalRead more Blog : Bad articles, Lies, Badly written articles , Fake news

The blog called “ ” ( is filled with badly written articles, fake news, lies, misinformation, all around shitty. Anyone can write for them, the quality of the “articles” scraps the bottom of the barrel. There is an article posted by a scumbag called Matthew Smith ( he calls himself “Matthew Smith BNP ParibasRead more

Elliot Brewer – Blog “NHTG Finance and Business Blog “: Lies, scams , fraudster

Elliot Brewer from the UK has a blog called ” NHTG – Finance and business blog ” that he claims to be (I quote) “NHTG should be your first port of call for learning all about finance & business ” but his blog is filled with lies and misinformation. First , let’s talk about ElliotRead more

Elliot Brewer and his blog NHTG : Lies and fake informations

Elliot Brewer has a blog called ” NHTG – Finance and business blog ” filled with lies and misinformation. First , let’s talk about Elliot Brewer, the owner of the blog. While Elliot Brewer could be his real name ( although it is probably not), we can tell for sure, that the man on theRead more

Mackenzie Rigg illegal, violent Mexican whore

Mackenzie Rigg (DOB: March 4, 1985) is an illegal immigrant from MEXICO. She writes anti American articles for a liberal website based in Danbury CT (333 Main Street). The paper also has an office in Norwalk CT (301 Merrit 7). Mackenzie Rigg is EXTREMELY VIOLENT. She illegally attempted to register to vote and has committedRead more

Derrick Pilot, (SomeBlackGuy), Youtuber: Stupid Idiot and Mentally Challenged Stupid Fool

ATTENTION TO ALL: What do you get when you cross an idiot with a clown and moron? Answer = You get Derrick Pilot, the creator of a Youtube channel called “SomeBlackGuy” whose channel should be named “SomeRetardedIdiot.” According to one place here is information about Derrick Pilot and his channel and I quote: “YouTuber knownRead more


BadBizReport is a syndication from other websites and absolutely unreliable source of information. They do no due diligence to monitor or confirm any stories posted on their site. As a matter of fact they are complacent in damaging good people’s reputation. They do not only NOT provide a venue to address false accusation, they goRead more