Jill Kelly, United States

Jill Kelly who is an adult actress, female adult performer, and a female adult entertainer is to be considered a very evil and a very wicked and highly deceitful and very deceptive racist bigot whose evil, vindictive, and spiteful racism has been especially directed towards men who have been African-American or Black. This is dueRead more

Philadelphia Trans Dominatrix Mistress Tissa

Aside from the worst session in my life, Philadelphia transsexual Dominatrix Mistress Tissa gave me anal herpes. I was blindfolded and pegged from behind thinking it was a strap on dildo. I thought “Mistress” Tissa was a woman. I was very wrong. Very passable. But NOT what I thought. Now I have to live withRead more


THESE GUYS ARE GREAT BUT THE MANAGER IS A TOTAL F.U.C.K.T.A.R.D. With a ” NEPOLEON ” complex HIS LITTLE DICKIE GOT IN THE WAY MOCHO MECHANIC .F.U.C.K.T.A.R.D Acts all bad at $15 bucks an hour bro your a fucking tool 242 Victoria St. Costa Mesa Ca. 92627 IF YOU TAKE YOUR CAR IN THEY WILLRead more

Celeste Star, United States

Celeste Star who comes from Pomona, California, USA is an adult actress, female adult entertainer, and a female adult performer. Celeste Star is a wicked, evil, highly deceptive, and a highly deceitful racist bigot whose skin color racism and whose skin color bigotry and prejudice is targeted mainly towards African-American men or Black men inRead more

Orville London, Tobago, West Indies, Caribbean, Financial Corruption

Orville London who is from the Caribbean island of Tobago and who was elected Chief Secretary of the Tobago House of Assembly in 2001 (which is a legislative body responsible for the island of Tobago within the twin-island nation of Trinidad and Tobago) and who formerly held that position until 2017 when he decided toRead more

Gorilla Glue: False Advertising and Half Empty Product and Bottle

Greetings All, I am from the country of Trinidad and Tobago and I happened to purchase a 15 gram bottle of Gorilla Glue for $69.00 Trinidadian dollars at one of our local hardwares here. When I looked at the bottle after opening it out of the package it showed that it was half empty. IRead more