Fairmount Park Elementary

This school has a very unwelcoming atmosphere. It all starts at the top. I’ve seen time and time again how very condescending both Julie and Haley have been to our non-white families and community members. I keep hearing from certain families how great they think the school is because of the test scores. That’s aRead more

Bruce Rhodes – Principal

Miramonte Elementary got a bum deal with Bruce Rhodes. He failed to increase academic performance while at Sanilso in Seattle, which is why he’s no longer there. He needs to focus on student academics instead of constantly hitting on his unsuspecting young male teachers. What a perv!

Jackie Maldonado/Chicago Public Schools, Chicago, Illinois

This married woman, who works with kids has nothing better to do with her time than stalk men that she doesn’t know, doesn’t like and doesn’t agree with. Jackie Maldonado is a narcissist and possibly a sociopath. She hates and bullies others who don’t believe the twisted, PC liberal views that she believes in. SheRead more

Danny Burke: MostAmazingTop10 (Mentally Retarded Clown and Sicko)

Danny Burke (who according to him is from Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire, England) and is a Youtuber who has a Youtube account called MostAmazingTop10 said this in his video entitled “Top 10 Scariest Places You Shouldn’t Visit” about The Suicide Forest-Japan and which I will quote: “But on the plus side though I hear thereRead more

Job Scam Alert: Dr Berry Ltd, Do Not Work For Brittany, Subrina or Nick, Trinidad and Tobago

Dr Berry Ltd (a family operated phone mobile sales and service company located in the island of Trinidad and Tobago, Caribbean) and which is expressly owned and run by Brittany Mohammed (one of the members of this family operated company) are at it again with their deceptive and false advertisements for “new employees” while theyRead more