Frank James Ramirez Jr

What do you get when you take the over inflated ego of a philosophy professor, the condescension of a p***k who thinks he’s ALWAYS right, roll that up with the unmatched sense of entitlement one has when one suffers from “affluenza”, throw in just a smidgen of a Napoleon complex, and then make him aRead more

Ellis L Hyman of Evolution Strategies

Ellis L Hyman.lying rip off Political Consultant of Evolution Strategies in the Washington DC area. This disgusting “Hobbyist” has a sorry one inch limp penis, three testicles and AN ADDICTION to hiring women for sex ( escorts ) and other activities. He also RIPS OFF hired sex workers too so Ladies: WATCH OUT He can’tRead more

Brandon Hatt

Convicted felon thief Brandon Hatt is a lying, stealing loser with the tiniest micro penis in the world. His non existent dick is so small he has to sit down to pee like a girl or it will just run down his leg. He also wears women’s underwear… Steals panties, Bras, trumpets, (google him), andRead more

Elena Mehanoshina, “Anna”, Ekaterinburg, Russia (The Scammer Who Scammed Me)

Elena Mehanoshina, Ekaterinburg, Russia ( scammed me some time ago. In her first letter she called herself “Anna” and introduced herself this way: “Hi new friend It is glad to you to write. My name Anna. Has noticed your profile, And at once has decided to write to you. I will be very gladRead more